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ingredientsVigRX Plus is among the most effective herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction related cases. Its effect last for about 3 to 4 hours. It simply works by boosting your penile erection. You should take the pill about an hour before sex. It has been found to be especially effective in treating age related erectile dysfunction.

Main Ingredients of VigRX Plus

Benefits of Using VigRX Plus VigRX Plus is among the most efficient herbal treatments for impotence related cases. Its result last for about 3 to 4 hours. It merely functions by increasing your penile erection. You must take the pill regarding a hr just before sex. It has been found to be especially effective in managing age associated impotence.

They have been known to be outstanding sex drive boosters and also sex related energizers that have made people especially happy about their VigRX Plus results.

(a) Erythroxylum Catuba - This extract is gotten from the back of catubal tree. It is known to boost general sexual performance and virility. It is also known to reduce exhaustion and boost body energy. It works by dilating the blood vessels to increase blood circulation in the gonads.

(b) Ptychopetalum Olacoides - This is a Muira Pauma bark extract. This is a popular extract in treatment of lack of sexual drive and impotence.

(c) Fructus Serenoae - This refers to saw palmetto berries. They have been found to be excellent libido enhancers and sex related stimulants. These berries works by calming smooth muscles and boosting flow of blood to the penile region. This ingredients has helped many to achieve great VigRX Plus results.

(d) Panax Ginseng - This refers to the Asian red ginseng. Clinical studies have shown that this ingredient is effective in boosting nitric oxide synthesis within the corpus cavernosum. This in turn boosts the libido by increasing blood circulation towards the penis.

(e) Ginkgo Biloba - This refers to Ginkgo leaf extract. This ingredient is very effective in dealing with anti-depressant associated erectile dysfunction. Clinical studies suggest that it enhances blood circulation to capillaries and small blood vessels. This results to increased erections.

(f) Turnera Aphrodisiaca - This refers to a Damiana tree extract. This ingredient is very essential in stimulating male orgasms and boosting penile erection quality. It has been particularly very effective in boosting sexual performance in diabetics.

(g) Epimedium Saggittatum - This refers to Epimedium leaf extract. This extract has been found to enhance bigger harder erections. It works by increasing blood circulation to the penile. It achieves this by relaxing the smooth muscles of the corpus carvernosum and its related arterioles.

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